Department of Physics
Section of Nuclear and Particle Physics
Seminars 2015

182015-12-08Nikolaos Irges
Aspects of non-perturbative QFT and a few thoughts on the Higgs hierarchy problem
172015-12-01Georgios Georgiou
(NCSR "Demokritos")
A new higher-spin theory of supergravity in 2+1 dimensions
162015-11-13Michela Petrini
(LPTHE, Paris)
Superconformal gauge theory and the gauge/gravity duality
152015-10-13Yang Zhang
(ETH Zurich)
Two-loop integral reduction and unitarity with dimensional regularization
142015-10-09Georgios Linardopoulos
(U. Athens)
The Omega-Infinity Limit of Single Spikes
132015-09-29Ioannis Florakis
Quantum corrections to gauge couplings in non-supersymmetric string theory
122015-07-10Lambros Lambrou
(Stanford, USA)
From Information Theory to Geometry in Holography
112015-06-09A. Mozaffari
(Imperial College, UK)
Gravity at a preferred scale
102015-05-22Keith Olive
(School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Minnesota)
The impact of LHC results on superymmetric dark matter
092015-05-19L. Roszkowski
(National Centre for Nuclear Research, Warsaw, Poland)
Where is SUSY: implications of Higgs boson for LHC and dark matter searches
082015-05-03Yannis Bakas
An exact model for non-equilibrium phenomena
072015-04-28Tommaso Dorigo
(INFN Padova)
Extraordinary Claims: the 0.000029% Solution
062015-03-30Karol Lang
(University of Texas at Austin)
Cheap as CHIPS- large water Cherenkov detectors: faster and cheaper or R&D of Water CHerenkov Detectors In Mine PitS
052015-03-24J. Rosiek
(U. Warsaw)
Lepton Flavor Violation in the Standard Model with general Dimension-Six Operators
042015-03-10Emmanuel Floratos
(U. Athens)
Unitary Chaos and the scrambling time bound for extremal Black Holes
032015-02-10B. Fraser
(U. Athens)
Supersymmetric gauge theories and rigid holography
022015-01-27Konstantinos Siampos
(U. Bern)
The all-loop non-Abelian Thirring model and its RG flow
012015-01-08Μιχαήλ Δαφέρμος
(Princeton Cambridge)
Η εσωτερική δομή των μελανών οπών και η εικασία της ισχυρής κοσμικής λογοκρισίας στη γενική σχετικότητα.