Department of Physics
Section of Nuclear and Particle Physics
Seminars 2017

212017-11-28Dimitry Nanopoulos
(Texas A&M and Academy of Athens)
Starobinsky-like inflation, supercosmology and neutrino masses in no-scale flipped SU(5)
102017-11-21S. Sarkar
(U. of Oxford & Niels Bohr Institute)
Beyond the cosmological standard model
192017-10-26Georgia Karapostoli
(UC Riverside)
Search for high mass Higgs into ZZ with the CMS experiment at LHC
182017-10-25A. Kalogeropoulos
(Princeton University)
Search for a very light NMSSM Higgs boson produced in decays of the 125 GeV scalar boson and decaying into τ leptons with the CMS experiment
172017-10-24Konstantinos Theofilatos
The standard model, so far, so good … so what’s next ?
162017-10-23Konstantinos Nikolopoulos
(U. Birbingham)
Μελέτη των αλληλεπιδράσεων του μποζονίου Higgs με τα φερμιόνια στον επιταχυντή LHC
152017-10-19Athanasios Papaioannou
(National Observatory of Athens)
Μετρητές Νετρονίων και Ηλιόσφαιρα: παρελθόν, παρόν και μέλλον
142017-10-18Eirini Tziaferi
(Dept. of Physics, UoA)
Jets as a tool for searches for new physics with the CMS experiment
132017-10-17M. Paraskevas
(U. Ioannina)
Feynman Rules for the Standard Model Effective Field Theory in R_ξ-gauges
122017-06-29Nikos Dimakis
(Universidad Austral de Chile)
Mini-superspace Quantization of the Reissner-Nordstrom geometry
112017-05-25T. Prokopec
(University of Utrecht)
Weyl symmetry in the standard model and gravity
102017-05-23Sofia Karampagia
(NSCL/Michigan State University)
Low-energy enhancement of the gamma-ray strength function and its interpretation using the nuclear shell model
092017-05-11S. Kabana
(Université de Nantes)
Heavy Ion Physics at RHIC and LHC
082017-03-21Evangelos Bakalis
(Uni. Bologna)
Anomalous is normal or normal is anomalous?
072017-03-07Dionysis Patiris
Ράδιο-οικολογία και εφαρμογές ραδιοϊχνηθέτησης στο θαλάσσιο περιβάλλον
062017-02-28Paris Sphicas
(Dept. of Physics, UoA)
The ongoing hunt for new Physics at the LHC
052017-02-17Andreas Stergiou
Ideas and Methods of Conformal Field Theory (Part III)
042017-02-16Andreas Stergiou
Ideas and Methods of Conformal Field Theory (Part II)
032017-02-15Andreas Stergiou
Ideas and Methods of Conformal Field Theory (Part I)
022017-01-24Panagiota Papakonstantinou
(IBS/RISP, S. Korea)
Τα γιατί και τα πώς της αλληλεπίδρασης τριών νουκλεονίων
012017-01-17Nikos Antoniou
(Dept. of Physics, UoA)
Το διάγραμμα φάσεων της QCD