Department of Physics
Section of Nuclear and Particle Physics
Seminars 2020

202020-12-15Charalampos AnastasiouETH ZurichConstructing locally finite two-loop amplitudes
192020-12-01Guillermo BallesterosMadrid, IFT & Madrid, Autonoma Univ.Primordial black hole dark matter from inflation
182020-11-18Sakis DedesUniv. of IoanninaEffective Field Theory and Vector Boson Scattering at LHC
172020-11-10Ben HoareUniv. of DurhamSigma models with local couplings: a new connection between integrability and RG flow
162020-11-03Ahmed KhalielUniv. of AthensExperimental studies of Nuclear Structure in exotic nuclei
152020-10-27Nikos IrgesNational Technical Univ. of AthensOn RG flows near 1st order, UV quantum phase transitions - a case study with a Higgs mechanism
142020-10-20Georgios LeontarisUniv. of IoanninaOn the existence of de Sitter Vacua  in String Theory 
132020-10-13Anastasios PetkouAristotle Univ. of ThessalonikiThe holography of NUT charge
122020-10-06Nikolaos TetradisUniv. of AthensRindler and deSitter Entropy as Holographic Entanglement Entropy
112020-06-16Timothy HollowoodUniv. of SwanseaPulling the Rabbit out of the Black Hole
102020-05-19Niels ObersNordita & Niels Bohr InstituteNon-relativistic gravity and its coupling to matter
92020-05-05Anastasia DoikouUniv. of Heriot-WattSet theoretic Yang-Baxter equation and quantum group symmetries
82020-04-27Vasileios NiarchosUniv. of CreteMatching type-B conformal anomalies
72020-02-25Constantia AlexandrouUniv. of Cyprus & Cyprus InstituteΑδρονική δομή χρησιμοποιώντας Κβαντική Χρωμοδυναμική (ΚΧΔ) στο πλέγμα
62020-02-11Dimitrios ChristodoulouETH ZurichΤο φαινόμενο μη-γραμμικής μνήμης βαρυτικών κυμάτων
52020-02-06Rodolfo RussoQMULAdS3/CFT2 correlators from six dimensions
42020-02-04Ioannis FlorakisUniv. of IoanninaΚβαντικές διορθώσεις και το πρόβλημα της Ενοποίησης στη θεωρία Χορδών.
32020-01-28Kostas ZoubosUniv. of PretoriaNon-integrability of classical strings in AdS/CFT
22020-01-22Giorgos AnastasiouUniv. of ValparaisoExtrinsic counterterms in holographic Quantum Information Theoretic measures
12020-01-14Jean-Pierre DerendingerUniv. of BernOn N=1 Superconformal Currents and Supercurrent Structures