Department of Physics
Section of Nuclear and Particle Physics
Seminars 2021

202021-12-07Ioannis MadesisUniv. of AthensAtomic Physics with accelerators: ions and atoms go boom, but we count electrons
192021-11-30Varvara LagakiUniv. of AthensDevelopment of an Electrostatic Ion Beam Trap for Laser Spectroscopy of Short-lived Radionuclides
182021-11-23Elias KiritsisUniv. of Crete and APC, ParisRevisiting Coleman-de Luccia transitions in the AdS regime using holography
172021-11-16SĂ©bastien Renaux-PetelIAP, ParisProbing cosmological inflation
162021-11-02Vasileios NiarchosUniv. of CreteConformal bootstrap with Reinforcement Learning
152021-10-19Nikolaos ToumbasUniv. of CyprusIR dynamics and entanglement
142021-06-15Ioannis RizosUniv. of IoanninaOn non-supersymmetric string phenomenology
132021-06-08Liam GaffneyUniv. of LiverpoolOctupole collectivity studied with radioactive ion beams
122021-05-11Ioannis GialamasUniv. of AthensQuadratic gravity and inflation in the Palatini formalism
112021-04-20Jorge G. RussoUniv. de BarcelonaCorrelation functions in finite temperature CFT and black hole singularities
102021-04-13Lydia MaigneUniv. of Clermont AuvergneThe GATE Monte Carlo simulation platform: the researcher’s ally in medical physics
92021-04-06Domenico OrlandoUniv. of TorinoThe O(N) vector model at large charge: EFT, large N and resurgence
82021-03-30Paul StevensonUniv. of SurreyTime-dependent theory for octupole states around lead-208
72021-03-16Carlos HoyosUniv. of OviedoSmeared branes: anisotropy and RG flows
62021-03-02Emanuel MalekHumboldt Univ., BerlinKaluza-Klein Spectrometry and (In)stability of non-supersymmetric AdS vacua
52021-02-16Alfonso RamalloUniv. of Santiago de CompostelaHolographic Floquet on the brane
42021-02-11Angelos FotopoulosNortheastern U. and Wentworth Inst. Tech.Celestial CFT
32021-02-09Angelos FotopoulosNortheastern U. and Wentworth Inst. Tech.Celestial CFT
22021-02-02Marcos MarinoUniv. of GenevaResurgence and non-perturbative physics: from quantum mechanics to superconductors
12021-01-19Carlo AngelantoniUniv. of TorinoString Defects, Supersymmetry and the Swampland