Department of Physics
Section of Nuclear and Particle Physics
Seminars 2022

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352022-12-20Panagiotis BellosUniv. of BirminghamNeural Networks and their applications to High Energy Physics
342022-12-15Kostas NikolopoulosUniv. of BirminghamSearching for light Dark Matter with Spherical Proportional Counters
332022-12-13Omad BenharINFN and U. SapienzaConstraining Nuclear Dynamics with Multimessenger Astrophysical Data
322022-12-08Athanasios PsaltisIKP, TU DarmstadtStellar fireworks and the origin of the elements
312022-12-06Jason KristianoUniv. of TokyoOne-loop perturbativity bound as a constraint on single-field inflation and primordial black hole formation
302022-11-29Ilias CholisUniv. of OaklandThe Galactic Center Excess in Gamma Rays, Using Multi-Messenger Observations
292022-11-15Marek LewickiUniv. of WarsawThe search for cosmological phase transitions through their gravitational wave signals
282022-11-08Matthias GaberdielETH, ZurichAn exact AdS/CFT duality
272022-11-01Panagiotis GeorgoudisNKUANew perceptions on the structure of compound nuclei led by the physics of cold atoms
262022-10-25Chris KouvarisNatl. Tech. U., AthensDark Matter in the form of Compact Objects
252022-10-18Φώτιος ΔιάκονοςΕΚΠΑΠολυπλοκότητα, σποραδικότητα και το κρίσιμο σημείο της Κβαντικής Χρωμοδυναμικής
242022-10-11Stylianos NikasUniv. of JyvaskylaNeutron star mergers and the role of high precision mass measurements on nucleosynthesis
232022-10-04Alexandros KoutsioumpasJülich Centre for Neutron Science Neutrons and X-rays as tools in Bio-Physics
222022-09-27Ευστάθιος ΣτυλιάρηςΕΚΠΑΗ Τομογραφία ως αντίστροφο μαθηματικό πρόβλημα και η ανακατασκευή τομογραφικής εικόνας στην απεικονιστική Πυρηνική Ιατρική
212022-06-21Kazunori KohriKEK, Tsukuba & Sokendai Tsukuba & Tokyo IPMUTesting the early matter-dominated epoch in the early Universe
202022-06-14Dimitris PapouliasUniv. of IoanninaThe landscape of CEvNS: a global view
192022-06-07Alexander ZhiboedovCERNGravitational orbits, double-twist mirage, and many-body scars
182022-05-31Vicky PrassaUniv. of ThessalyShapes and symmetries in atomic nuclei
172022-05-24Alessandro StrumiaUniv. of PisaInterpreting the W-mass CDF anomaly
162022-05-17Costas VellidisNKUAPrecision measurement of the W boson mass using the full CDF Run II data set
152022-05-10Arcady TseytlinImperial College, LondonWilson loop in general representation and RG flow in 1d defect QFT
142022-05-03Diego BlasBarcelona, Autonoma U. and Barcelona, IFAEBinary systems as gravitational wave detectors
132022-04-13Alexios PolychronakosCity College of New YorkΣτατιστικές ιδιότητες και συναρτήσεις καταμερισμού διακριτών περιπάτων
122022-04-12Aristomenis DonosUniv. of DurhamDissipation in Holographic Superfluids
112022-04-05Tristan Mc LoughlinTrinity College DublinQuantum Chaos in Super-Yang-Mills
102022-03-22Kostas SkenderisUniv. of Southampton Fluxes and charges in de Sitter
92022-03-15Anastasios KanellakopoulosHES-SO GeneveShell evolution on germanium isotopic chain
82022-03-08Kiril HristovUniv. of Sofia4d N=2 supergravity observables from Nekrasov-like partition functions
72022-02-22Alberto ZaffaroniUniv. of Milano-BicoccaLarge N factorization and holography
62022-02-15Sébastien ClesseUniv. Libre de BruxellesPrimordial Black Holes: gravitational-wave signatures and contribution to the dark matter
52022-02-08Roman Zwicky Univ. of EdinburghQED-corrections to Weak Decays
42022-02-01Evangelos SfakianakisUniv. Autonoma de BarcelonaField-space surprises in multi-field preheating
32022-01-25Henning SamtlebenEcole Normale Supérieure de LyonKaluza-Klein spectrometer from exceptional field theory
22022-01-18Dionysiοs AnninosKing's College LondonSphere path integrals and cosmological horizons
12022-01-11Panos BetziosUniv. of British ColumbiaComments on Euclidean wormholes and holography